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Habitat for Humanity 
Santurce, Puerto Rico



Habitat for Humanity, is a non for profit organization, dedicated to building low cost housing through direct participation of the future owners and other volunteers, in the construction process.  Habitat for Humanity developed its first project in Puerto Rico at the Cantera sector of Santurce.


The site is a 2,065 square meter urban lot, with frontage to two local streets (callejones) to the east and west sides,  and a large frontage on Eduardo Conde Avenue to the south.


The project consists of 13 row houses on 125 square meters lots (typical).  Units are economic in means and simple in design and construction technics, to achieve a low cost and buildability with a minimum of trained labor.


Units are designed on two levels.  The ground level provides the pedestrian entrance,  a parking pad area,  the kitchen and a service yard to the street side.  Stairs  adjacent to the foyer,  permits direct access to the second level.  The living and dining areas open to a private yard (where a small terrace can be added at a later stage).  Ample doors and windows permit a spatial and

physical integration of the living areas with the private yard.  The public realm on the street side can be visually supervised from the kitchen.Three bedrooms and  a  bathroom are provided on the second level.  


The unit is designed for effective cross ventilation to benefit from the prevailing tropical breezes.


The architectural expression is modular and rhythmic to facilitate individual expression of units within the community. Landscaped sidewalks blend the project to the neighborhood. 

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