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Sometimes our actual economic environment can make us feel overwhelmed with its impact in our lives, and the limitation it imposes on our investment opportunities. Well, one of the ways that we can explore new opportunities for development and economic growth is by developing new tourism ventures. This, although requieres our local initial investment (or foreign, for that matter) its really sort of long term viable, since ultimate potential clients and consumers would substantially come from economies where there is no economic crisis. Comparatively to other businesses, the initial investment can be moderate, and it is a business can that can start at a small scale and grow as it proves to be economically viable.

The trend in tourism has expanded into nature and eco tourism activities, opening new possibilities for multiple businesses to find their niches: zip lining, scuba excursions, boating, kayaking in the mangroves, nature walks, historical sites, cultural and gastronomic activities, among others. These, while individually creating both a business opportunity and a particular amazing touristic experience, collectively create a great offer to tourists and present us as a great tourism destination. (Of course, there is our dominant trade of hospitality, and our paradoxical trade of poor client service, which we have to dramatically improve.)

Other opportunities with great potential growth are in the medical tourism, to serve patients and their families during treatment procedures. These are “tied” to “medical businesses”. However, a corollary to the medical tourism is the healing tourism where there is also a need and market for facilities for yoga, relaxation, meditation, massages and spas, which can be combined with the nature and eco tourism activities.

These initiatives can also benefit from the local demand, which with all the difficulties of daily life, need places to relax, recharge energies, and re create mental positiveness.

The PR Tourism Company (PRTC), has several programs to guide and/or incentives to help entrepreneurs develop successful facilities.

Our challenge today, is to create great environments for environmentally sensitive sites, that create great tourist experiences and protect, conserve and promote our natural resources and environments. One of the PRTC resources is the “Guías para el Diseño de Instalaciones Eco-Turísticas y de Turismo Sostenible, developed in 2007. These guides provide guidance por project qualifications, and development from the project conception to final development and operations. The PRTC also provide seminars to help facilities operators develop the best practices in Eco-tourism facilities operations.

The PRTC defines sustainable tourism as the visit and experience of natural and cultural venues, where the protection of the resource is warrantied, and the generated economic activity benefits directly to the local communities, without compromising or jeopardizing options for the future generations. Some of the main elements of ecotourism are conservation, education, community participation and economic development.

By integrating Architecture and Landscape Architecture, as we do in our practice, we can make the most of a natural environment, initially by understanding their natural ecosystem and their visual or scenic qualities, and then creating settings for exceptional resorts, lodges, or tourism installations, in general.

At ESCALA • Corchado + Arquitectos “we create exceptional experiences in buildings, landscapes and cities, honoring traditions and the environment, challenging the present and inspiring the future”. When we do so, we, together with our clients, make a great contribution to society and our future generations.

Equally important is understanding the importance of the environmental concerns while designing your next project, and becoming aware the though good design your project, your neighborhood, your city, your country and your planet become a better place to live. Become aware of THE VALUE OF DESIGN.


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